MTGYou Episode 33 – Return of the Judge Jermey

In This Episode of MTGYou:

  • L3 Judge Jeremy answers all of our burning questions.
  • We have Contests!
    • Send in your decklists for chance to win prizes: we are giving away Rogue Deck Builders Playmats to two lucky winners.
    • Give us a 5 star review on iTunes: we are giving out a CD by the Andrew Allen Trio called Free Play (Free Play is a collection of iconic video game themes arranged in classical jazz styles)
    • Give us 5 star review on iTunes for a chance to win a playmat of your choice from Judge Jeremy (this contest will go ’till the end of the year.)
  • [Clique You] @TheProxyGuy on twitter
  • GP Minneapolis is this weekend
  • States is happening May 17th
  • Miss Utah!
  • A moose once bit my sister
  • And more…

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2 thoughts on “MTGYou Episode 33 – Return of the Judge Jermey”

  1. Just heard about the rogue deck contest. I didn’t catch the due date. When do you need the deck lists?

    Thanks for reading my review. Hopefully I will see you at FNM on Friday.


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