MTGYou #49 – Five Color EDH Splashing Peter

In Our Main Phase:

Next to Modern, EDH is our listeners favorite format, and it’s been a while since we devoted and episode to the topic.

Current EDH Ban List:

PopCultureCube Peter:
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His blogspot Home:

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Popculture’s Cube: Want Better Opponents? Start with Yourself

This Week in Popculture’s Cube: Want Better Opponents? Start with Yourself

I participated in Game Day recently (I went 1-3 using a fun RW aggro deck; BW control variants basically wrecked me) and had the good luck to have had that most coveted of Magic experiences: fun opponents to play against. We laughter together at corny jokes. We kibitzed over this and that. And at the end of the matches, most importantly, we walked away smiling.

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MTGYou #48 – Conversation with Tifa Robles


In Our Main Phase:

We talk to Tifa Robles, founder of the Lady Planeswalkers Society (LPS), employee at Microsoft, former employee of Wizards of the Coast, feminist and gamer. We talk about the definition of feminism, hear about being a WOTC employee, and get dating advice!

Tifa’s Links:
LPS (Lady Plainswalkers society):


There and Back Again: A Wizards Tale:

YouTube Channel:
Daily MTG Podcast. (She is on most of the episodes.)

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Popculture’s Cube: Will there be Phyrexians vs. Eldrazi?

It may be the most desired, most awaited, most geektacular idea in all Magicdom.

What if they did a set – nay, a block! – in which the Eldrazi (the Cthulhuloid menaces from the Blind Eternities currently menacing Zendikar) were attacked by the Phyrexians (the Borg-like villains that lately invaded and assimilated Mirrodin, creating New Phyrexia, and who have haunted the dreams of Dominaria for ages)?

In a word, ‘Awesomeness.’

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GW Aggro vs Jund Walkers – Standard

Link to Jackson Cunningham’s GW Aggro deck list:

Link to Yuuki Ichikawa’s Jund Walkers deck list: