MTGYou #78 – What is this Modern Format you speak of?


This Week In Our Main Phase:

We take a question and answer approach to getting information about the Modern format this week on MTGYou.

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Bruce’s Combat Phase- Casting Broken Cards

CubeWell hello again MTGYOU folks. I’m back and I am excited.  Each week, during the Combat Phase, the lads get to cover off where and what they battled this past week.  I always like hearing the stories so I thought I would get in on the action too. I had an awesome time playing magic this past weekend and want to share my experience with all of you.

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MTGYou #77 – Pre-Board to Post-Board

bitmapThis Week In Our Main Phase:

We take a step into the pre-board to post-board strategy while playing Magic, in this second take of episode 77, in this weeks MTGyou!

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Standard Eldrazi Ramp

Eldrazi Ramp PicI was playing at FNM, and a new player happened to be sitting next to me. He wasn’t playing in the tournament, but was interested in playing and looking at cards. I had decided that week to play my 4-color Demonic Pact deck (I do love bouncing Demonic Pacts,) rather than the Eldrazi Ramp brew I’d been toying with, so I handed the Eldrazi over to him and while I played my rounds, he sat next to me and basically playtested my Eldrazi list against whoever would play him.

I decided to write about the Eldrazi Ramp list because, it was pointed out to me, it’s basically a budget deck as it stands, with Ulamog and Atarka the only cards above $10. There are a lot of ways to build a ramp deck at the moment, here’s what I’ve put together out of my own collection.

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Playing Casually on a Budget- You should be playing these cards!

You should be playing these cards!

If you are a casual player then you have far more in mind than just what deck you want to put together next.  You obviously want to build a deck that can help you get an edge on your friends, but while you’re dreaming up new decks you also have to keep your bottom line in mind.  You likely don’t have limitless funds to build whatever you want and you need to prioritize what you want to pick up or look for bargains.  Today I’m going to share my list of cards in this current standard that you can pick up on the cheap and use them to get good value in your next game.  

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