How I Rate the Standard Manlands!

Article_PictureWith all five man lands in standard now, I wanted to express my opinion on how I feel about them.  I am definatly a fan of them as they add a great twist to standard.  We had Mutavault a few years ago in M14 and that saw a lot of play, for good reason.  As far as these lands go, it seems they are just a small bonus to your deck.  They don’t seem to get the full amount of time in the spotlight.  So, I am going to give the standard man lands a little extra attention as I rate them.

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MTGYou #85 – Let’s take the Oath and Build a Deck!

Current ImageThis Week In Our Main Phase:

We are Excited for the new cards in Oath of the Gate Watch and we are putting together a Grixis Prowess deck.  Hear our thoughts on this, and more on this week’s episode of MTGYou!

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DeathrenderToday I’m going to share a brew that has been bubbling since Lorwyn was in Standard. The truth is that the original idea for the deck came from one of Mark Gottlieb’s articles on the old website (now,) which, I might add, is still a wonderful place to find information on every aspect of our fine game.


Deathrender. Take a minute to just look at it. Frankly, I think that they added the +2/+2 onto this card just because they needed a reason to increase the mana and equip costs. There’s no way this could be printed at less than the costs printed, and the list I share today illustrates exactly why. I’ve been adding bits and pieces to the deck for years, and here’s my list as it currently stands.

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MTGYou #84 – Who are You#2 (Chandra and Nissa)

Current ImageThis Week In Our Main Phase:

Ever wonder about the story of Chandra or Nissa?  We go over their stories.  We also go over the new banded list that was just released.  This and more on MTGYou!

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