MTGYou #146 – Our Amonkhet Prerelease

In This Weeks Episode:
Prerelease has come and gone again.  We would love to hear how your prerelease went.  For Us, we talk prerelease and the new set in this weeks MTGYou.

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MTGYou #145 – Amonkhet Prerelease Primer

In This Weeks Episode:
Prerelease is this weekend, and we would love to help you get ready.  We cover the new mechanics and extras in this weeks MTGYou.

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MTGYou #144 – Hidden Gems

In This Weeks Episode:
Ever wonder what unknown card you could add to your deck to make it better?  Well, Travis and Wayman have come to the rescue.  find out some hidden gems that could change your deck for the better in this weeks MTGYou.

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MTGYou #143 – What is your Success

In This Weeks Episode:
Success can come in many forms for many people.  For some it’s all about the win, for others it’s the fun.  Find out what we consider success in this weeks MTGYou.

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