MTGYou #37 – Modern Love, Part 2

  • Part 2 of Modern archetype deck discussion including:
    1. Faeries
    2. UWR Control
    3. UWR Kiki-Jiki
    4. UR Splinter Twin
    5. UR Storm
    6. Scapeshift
    7. Living End
    8. Tron
    9. Affinity
  • Another successful streaming on Visit to see the archived show.
  • On-going Contest:
    • Give us a 5 star review on iTunes: we are giving out a play mat and a CD by the Andrew Allen Trio called Free Play (Free Play is a collection of iconic video game themes arranged in classical jazz styles).
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  • [Clique You] Medical Fund for Mariah
  • Conspiracy draft is coming
  • And much more!


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