Almost 5-Color Bring to Light

Bring2LightOn the podcast, I keep mentioning the Bring to Light deck that I have been playing.  It has gone through many changes since I started with it a month ago.  Now that it has gone from a 5-color deck to a 4-color deck, with lands to cover all five colors, I thought I would share it with our listeners and readers.  Before I share the deck list, I would like to say that this is a deck that is one of the funnest lists I have played.  It was hard to learn how to pilot, but worth every game.  With that said, lets look at the list.

4-Color Bring to Light


2-Den Protector
2-Heir of the Wilds
3-Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy
2-Mizzium Meddler
4-Siege Rhino
3-Tasigur, The Golden Fang
2-Wingmate Roc
4-Woodland Wanderer


3-Bring to Light
1-Dromoka’s Command
1-End Hostilities
1-Ojutai’s Command
2-Painful Truths
2-Ruinous Path
2-Utter End


1-Ob Nixilis Reignited
1-Sorin, Solemn Visitor


2-Bloodstained Mire
2-Canopy Vista
1-Cinder Glade
3-Flooded Strand
1-Lumbering Falls
3-Polluted delta
1-Prairie Stream
2-Shambling Vent
1-Smoldering Marsh
2-Sunken Hollow
2-Windswept Heath

Well, there it is.  As you can see, there are no red spells. I did leave in the red mana sources for the Bring to Light.  How did I come to removing red from this deck?  In the beginning, this deck was almost even for each color.  Through deck testing I had changed the spells to only having 4-Crackling Doom and 2-Kholagan’s Command with red in the cost.  Don’t get me wrong, those are both very good spells to have in any deck that can cast them.  In this case it came down to efficiency.  By removing red from the equation, I was able to drop my land base from 26 to 24.  Thus, allowing more room for spells.

The creatures in this deck are all power houses.  Den Protector allows you a play by turn three no matter the mana available with its morph ability.  Then late game, it gets you your  spells back from your graveyard.  Heir of the Wilds is a deathtouch for 2 and almost always attacks as a 3/3.  Jace, Rhino, and Tasigur… enough said.  We all know power they bring to the table.  Wingmate Roc is a great 2 for 1 that also gains you a bit of life.  Woodland Wanderer is just a game ender if not answered.  A 6/6 vigilance, trample for only 4 mana is just amazing.  If you get two of these buddies out, it’s lights out for your opponent.

The spells and planeswalkers in this list give you an answer to most situations you may find your self in.  The Planeswalkers can’t be found with Bring to Light, but offer a nice twist when you draw them up.  Bring to Light is the main spell behind this deck.  It can find you just what you need while allowing you to have only a 1 or 2 of each spell.  I have chosen to play a more creature heavy deck then usually seen in similar lists.  with my play style I have found that going on the “beat down” with this deck and having your spells as a backup, showed better result.

The land in this list is the most important and the hardest part of the entire deck.  Learning which order to play the mana you need takes a lot of practice.  Knowing when to fetch a basic vs dual land is also a trial and error experience.  When you try out this list, don’t get discouraged when you don’t have the mana you need while testing. Learning how to use the lands you draw in the correct order has allowed this deck list to win me twice as many games from when I first started playing it.  Not much more can be said other then practice, practice, practice when it comes to the mana base.

As I have stated before, this has been one of the most fun decks I have played since I returned to Magic.  I have truly enjoyed the process of testing and am glad to be able to share it with our listeners and readers.  I am looking forward to Oath of the Gate Watch in a week to update my list.  If you have any questions or suggestions about my list, feel free to leave a comment or find me on Twitter @morbidpuppets.

Micheal Taylor

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  1. I toyed with Bring to Light before I realized it couldn’t find Demonic Pact. Building and tuning was a particular challenge since you start looking at all of your cards through the lens of, “how good is this when I find it with Bring to Light?”


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