BrewBox, We Hardly Knew Ye

This Week in PopCulture’s Cube: BrewBox, We Hardly Knew Ye

BrewboxAs those of you who listened to Episode #57, “Trick or Cheat,” know, MTG BrewBox, the subscription box service that brought Magic: The Gathering products right to your door on a monthly basis, is fading into oblivion.

We subscribers received an email last week, alerting us to the fact (the author of the email cited health reason as the cause of the cancellation) and stating that, for those whose November Brew Box had already been paid for, that box would be their last. While some randomly-sent-out goody boxes are to be posted for current and former Brew Box subscribers as a sign of good will, the service is, for all intents and purposes, defunct.

And I couldn’t be more disappointed.

For folks like me who don’t get to a Friendly Local Gaming Store but once or twice every couple of months, Brew Box served a great purpose – bringing a well-curated selection of MTG items to folks who will appreciate them, for a reasonable fee, on a monthly basis. I’ll miss it very much.

I signed up on the tail end of Brew Box’s approximately 8-month run, getting in on the last two boxes. They had a great system, sending a “starter box” of dice, sleeves, and, of course, a draft set of packs to new subscribers before they got mainstreamed to the other boxes. My second box contained a nifty Cardboard Crack comics compilation, in addition to the customary 3 packs.

While there are rumors of multiple other Brew Box-like services out there, thus far I’ve only been able to confirm one, Monthly Magic Box ( This box, a tad more expensive than Brew Box at $24.95 a month, offers 6-10 items a month, including packs, playmate, sleeves, deck boxes, etc. Now, I’ll be completely honest here – this service has received mixed reviews from some online and from a buddy of mine (who steered me towards Brew Box instead). However, I’m willing to give this a shot and see how I like it. From what I’ve heard and seen recently, it may be that this service has cleared up some issues concerning shipping and other matters. We’ll see.

At this time, despite some fairly extensive online research, I’ve been unable to find any other Magic subscription boxes out there. I’ll keep looking. And if you hear of any, please let me know.

As always, dear readers, I’ll keep you informed.

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