Planeswalker Pack Review, part 1


While visiting the new plane of Kaladesh, we get a new product from wizards of the Coast.  This new product being the Planeswalker Packs.  The first two walkers we get in this new product are Chandra and Nissa.  We were told from the beginning that these are for new players and that they are made to be fun and not competitive.

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ReanimateThis week I’m going to talk Legacy, but first I’m going to tell a story about my early days playing Magic. If you’re more interested in a deck, feel free to skip down a bit. Those of you still with me, let’s take a trip, shall we, to the early ’00s, a time of Madness and Psychatogs, Scourge had just come out, and I made weekly trips to my local game shop.

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Confusion Squirrels

Article_PictureMy favorite phrase to read on a card is “you lose the game.” Note that I did not say it was the most powerful phrase a card can have printed on it; that title likely goes to “draw a card” or “take an extra turn.” But with a little finesse, it can be even more potent. My deck today is only one example, and while today we will be taking a trip into Silver-Border Land, make no mistake that there are plenty of black-bordered cards with those beautiful four words printed on them

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