MTGYou #127 – The MTGYou Holiday Gift Guide

current-imageIn This Weeks Episode:
The holidays are upon us.  What does your fellow magic player what this season?  Come get some ideas on this week’s episode of MTGYou.

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2 thoughts on “MTGYou #127 – The MTGYou Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. Just getting caught up on my listening. Thanks for pulling my name, (assuming it was random?).

    So I’m starting a tradition if building a Christmas deck to put in my son’s stocking. I’m going basic and easy with mana ramping elves, goblin sledders, with stream of lifes(or is it lives?), and some some x damage. He will enjoy blasting me I the face for 10+ damage I’m sure.

    Anyways, I would like to put in some fynhorn brownies for the winter flavor, but paying 2G to untapped a creature doesn’t really fit.

    My question is do you guys have any ideas on building a deck like this for future years or maybe some inexpensive gifts for other players?

  2. As far as staying on theme for holiday deckbuilding, in R/G I’d say don’t forget the Goblin Snowman and Mana Flare. Akroan Horse is on point with gift giving, and can go in any deck, same with Snow-Covered basics. If you want to get real creative with the theme, you can always find cute things to give away with Harmless Offering, although you’ll probably be looking at Blue for Delusions of Grandeur/Mediocrity, or black for something like Demonic Pact or Abyssal Persecutor if you go that route.

    Building a deck for another person is a bit of a minefield. You may have feelings about what cards belong, and they may not want to hurt your feelings by customizing or improving the deck, knowing the care you put into it. A booster pack or, if you know the person well enough, a well chosen single will probably be safer.

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