MTGYou #145 – Amonkhet Prerelease Primer

In This Weeks Episode:
Prerelease is this weekend, and we would love to help you get ready.  We cover the new mechanics and extras in this weeks MTGYou.

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1 thought on “MTGYou #145 – Amonkhet Prerelease Primer”

  1. Gentlemen, I think I am hitting up 2 events this weekend. I am in Dallas for a business conference until Sat. Evening. So I am going to try for a midnight pre-release event on friday.

    I did not drive to Texas for Magic, but hey why not right?

    I then will drive all 12 hours back up north to IL on Sat. night for the pre-release with my son on Sunday.

    Will I be tired? Yes.

    Will it be worth it? Most definitely.

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