MTGYou #42 – M15 Rare and Mythic Rare Set Review

In our Main Phase:

We cover every rare and mythic rare from M15 from 4 unique perspectives. Come join us for this wild ride!

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2 thoughts on “MTGYou #42 – M15 Rare and Mythic Rare Set Review”

  1. So on this episode James made reference to the Chasm Skulker + Aggressive Mining combo. I’m not sure if it’s just because I love Izzet, fun combos, or Minecraft (or maybe all 3!) but his idea really got my wheels turning and then of course the mothership posts a deck for that exact combo this week! I’m already running the proxies and picking out the cards I’m going to trade to pick up a pair of Keranos’s and a Temple of Epiphany play set. I can hardly wait to have “ALL OF DA CARDS” in my hand. Thanks for keeping MTG fun and creative guys!

    • I am so excited that I actually thought of a combo by myself! Thanks for bringing this to my attention! All told, I’m probably Izzet too.


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