MTGYou #99 – Net Deck vs. Home Brew

Current ImageThis Week In Our Main Phase:
Even though Magic is a great way to spend your time, we all get into a slump once in a while.  What causes it and how do you get out of it?  We cover this and more on this weeks episode of MTGYou.


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2 thoughts on “MTGYou #99 – Net Deck vs. Home Brew”

  1. Idea for episodes.

    Maybe spend some time explaining more what a Tron deck or a Storm is, etc… I am not familiar with any of the deck types or names. Maybe these are in some of the older podcasts that I will get to later.

  2. I believe that if you check out Episodes 36 and 37, entitled Modern Love (parts 1 and 2) you’ll find what you’re looking for. They broke down the various Modern archetypes at the time, so while they predate stuff like Eldrazi and the Splinter Twin ban, you’ll get a good idea of what goes in which deck, Tron and Storm included.

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