Planeswalker Pack Review, part 1


While visiting the new plane of Kaladesh, we get a new product from wizards of the Coast.  This new product being the Planeswalker Packs.  The first two walkers we get in this new product are Chandra and Nissa.  We were told from the beginning that these are for new players and that they are made to be fun and not competitive. The questions I hope to answer in this series of reviews will be;

“Are the Planeswalker Packs good for new players?”20160929_234206

“Are they fun to play with?”

“Are they a good option for improvement and to take to FNM?”

 Let’s start with what a Planeswalker Pack is, and what comes in one.  You can find the article that wizards has to explain them here.  In short, they come with a 60 card deck, a deck box, 2 booster packs, and a bunch of paper.  The 60 card deck contains 4 total rare cards and a foil Planeswalker card, hence the title Planeswalker Pack.

The decks in these packs are themed to the planeswalker. Chandra is a Red-White vehicles deck and Nissa is a Green-Blue energy deck. Thai is obviously to show casee the new mechanics is this set.  As far as how the decks play, we will get into that in part 2.  If you are looking for value in these deck, look elsewhere. The planeswalkers are the only card with real value, add they will only get you about 6 dollars.

The deck box might be my favorite part about this product.  It is built out of a sturdy cardboard, similar to the cards themselves.  It is designed to hold all 60 cards in sleeves.  I was able to place the cards in dragon shield sleeves and the box closes firm and hold the cards well.  The designs on the box are well done.  They have the planeswalkers names on the cards with their picture on the front, as seen below.20160929_234516 20160929_234030

The bonus extras that you receive are the premium foil planeswalker cards.  You also receive two booster pack.  These are used to adjust your deck when you get the hang of it after a few games.  The final piece of extras that you get are some papers.  The first of which is pretty much the same in fop you would get in the Intro Packs from the past.  This gives you the basics of the game and a reference list of the phases in a turn.  The other piece of paper that you receive gives you; a deck list, how to play the deck, a brief bio of the planeswalker, and a small poster of your chosen walker.

At a first glance, I am impressed by the upgrade of this packaging over the previous Intro Packs.  I would rate my first impressions a 3.5 out of 5.  I feel that booster pack as a way to upgrade a deck is not the beast for new players, as they may not even get any cards for their decks.  Other then that, the deck boxes are great and I am excited to try the deck out and see how they play together.  That is a story for another article.   Please return in a week for part 2 of my Planeswalker Pack review.

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