Popculture’s Cube: Will there be Phyrexians vs. Eldrazi?

It may be the most desired, most awaited, most geektacular idea in all Magicdom.

What if they did a set – nay, a block! – in which the Eldrazi (the Cthulhuloid menaces from the Blind Eternities currently menacing Zendikar) were attacked by the Phyrexians (the Borg-like villains that lately invaded and assimilated Mirrodin, creating New Phyrexia, and who have haunted the dreams of Dominaria for ages)?

In a word, ‘Awesomeness.’

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

I’ve heard people talking about this for a while, and I have to admit that the idea seems like pure gold. You have the Eldrazi – Emrakul, Ulamog, and others, and their spawn and partisans, massive, mighty, world-shaking creatures – against the horror of the single-minded, techno-organic maw that is the Phyrexian hierarchy. What would happen? Who would win? What kind of mechanics could we see if this takes place?

Some (as in, well, me) who took at look at the M15 core set and saw that cards from both the planes of New Phyrexia and Zendikar were represented, took it as a sign that the fine folks at Wizards of the Coast might be moving in that direction. Maybe yes, maybe no, but we can always dream.

Herewith, what I would love to see in a knock-down, drag-out fight between the two greatest foes in all of the Multiverse:

1. A Phyrexian Planeswalker

Tezzeret the Seeker

For all the menace that Phyrexia represents in the Magic universe, we’ve yet to see a Phyrexian planeswalker (Tezzeret, remember, allied himself with the Phyrexians, but did not become one). Phyrexians represent contagion, conquest, and single-minded will. A Phyrexian planeswalker’s abilities could include everything from putting poison counters on a creature (or planeswalker – wouldn’t that be something?), to assuming control of a certain number of target permanents, to outright infecting the entire board with some kind of Phyrexian blight. Shivers me timbers.

2. Fallen Eldrazi

The Phyrexians would no doubt want to take, experiment on, and “assimilate” an Eldrazi with their glistening oil. Just think about these godlike beings twisted and befouled, their power usurped, and in service to New Phyrexia. Makes Emrakul’s Annihilation ability seem pretty mundane by comparison.

3. Resistance and Alliance

Likely, on Zendikar (if that’s were the block takes place) there will be those who resist the Phyrexian invasion even as they see the menace fighting the dreaded Eldrazi. Other denizens of the plane – vampires, perhaps, or maybe some especially debased and war-weary Kor – might welcome the Phyrexians in and side with them, for a price.

4. Mass Infect

Love it or hate it, the Infect mechanic really made the Scars or Mirrodin Block tick, and gave the Phyrexians real menace. Imagine a new mechanic that somehow allowed poison counters to be put on more than one creature at a time. Or a new kind of poison that doesn’t just infect creatures, but also planeswalkers, enchantments, etc.

5. New Eldrazi

Sure, Emrakul and Ulamog were great. But what if they were just small fry? What if greater Eldrazi haunt the Blind Eternities, and come seeking to lend their beleaguered scions a hand? Surely, this is something that could buckle the very fabric of the Multiverse.

6. Creaturefall

Landfall was a great mechanic in the Zendikar block. What about a wide-spread mechanic that grants certain benefits whenever a creature (or certain numbers of creatures) enter the battlefield? This could work well for the Eldrazi, who produce spawn; for the Phyrexians, who could produce twisted Mirran agents; and for the Resistance or Allies, who could deploy adherents onto the battlefield. I know my love of tokens is showing here, but I just think it’d be neat.

So, that’s my thought on the issue. I’d love to hear what the MTGYou community thinks!

3 thoughts on “Popculture’s Cube: Will there be Phyrexians vs. Eldrazi?”

  1. I love the idea!! That’s pure genius…and WoTC would be foolish NOT to push this sort of idea. I have almost no doubt it woud be among the biggest selling blocks (if done right). That sounds like an excellent Block and I’d love to play some big bad Eldrazi!! Thanks for the great read!

  2. Bruce,

    Glad you liked it! The concept has captured my imagination ever since I saw it “wildly speculated” as they say. I’m sure it’ll happen one day – like you say, WotC would be silly if they didn’t capitalize on it. Of course, my big question would be how could they possibly top it?


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