MTGYou #76 – Fast and Furious, the Aggro way of Life!


This Week In Our Main Phase:

Want to win more games with your Aggro deck?  Aggro decks getting you down and taking your wins?  We cover the solution to these questions and more in this weeks episode of MTGyou!

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MTGYou #71 – What’s Who’s the Beatdown?


In Our Main Phase:

If you have never read the article Who’s the Beatdown? by Michael Flores, you have missed out. It’s probably the best know Magic: The Gathering related article ever. In this episode we talk about it and what it’s all about, plus much much more.

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MTGYou #54 – Aggro vs Burn: Contrast and Compare


In Our Main Phase:

On this episode of the MTGYou Podcast Stream, we look at the misconceptions about burn decks while comparing and contrasting them to aggro decks.

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This week we spotlight Christ Renshaw and his podcast Board & Swords: Find Chris Renshaw at 

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GW Aggro vs Jund Walkers – Standard

Link to Jackson Cunningham’s GW Aggro deck list:

Link to Yuuki Ichikawa’s Jund Walkers deck list: