MTGYou #121 – Why is it Banned part 1

current-imageIn This Weeks Episode:
Modern is a great format and loved by many.  The banned list helps it stay this way, but why are these cards banned anyway?  We start to answer this in this weeks episode of MTGYou.

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MTGYou #84 – Who are You#2 (Chandra and Nissa)

Current ImageThis Week In Our Main Phase:

Ever wonder about the story of Chandra or Nissa?  We go over their stories.  We also go over the new banded list that was just released.  This and more on MTGYou!

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MTGYou #49 – Five Color EDH Splashing Peter

In Our Main Phase:

Next to Modern, EDH is our listeners favorite format, and it’s been a while since we devoted and episode to the topic.

Current EDH Ban List:

PopCultureCube Peter:
PopCulture’s Cube on
His blogspot Home:

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MTGYou #20 – Born of the Gods Prerelease Recap

On this episode:

  • The updated banned list has been release. What was banned? What was unbanned? Hear our reactions.
  • Born of the Gods prerelease event recap, who won, who lost and who threatened little children?
  • Jokularity and more…

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