MTGYouZoom #1



We have a winner! Congratulations to Peter K.
Watch for another round of MTGYouZoom!

Welcome to the first MTGYouZoom contest. The object of this contest is to guess the card that the zoomed artwork comes from before everyone else. The winner will receive a cool prize.


  1. To enter, tweet your guess to @theMTGYou with the hashtag #MTGYouZoom.
  2. To be elibigle to win, you must follow @theMTGYou.
  3. Please only one entry per day unless you re-tweet the daily announcement. Re-tweeting the daily announcement will earn you an extra guess for that day.
  4. A daily announcement with a new zoomed-out picture will be posted each day until the card is guessed.
  5. The guessing day resets at midnight Mountain Standard Time.

MTGYou Episode 33 – Return of the Judge Jermey

In This Episode of MTGYou:

  • L3 Judge Jeremy answers all of our burning questions.
  • We have Contests!
    • Send in your decklists for chance to win prizes: we are giving away Rogue Deck Builders Playmats to two lucky winners.
    • Give us a 5 star review on iTunes: we are giving out a CD by the Andrew Allen Trio called Free Play (Free Play is a collection of iconic video game themes arranged in classical jazz styles)
    • Give us 5 star review on iTunes for a chance to win a playmat of your choice from Judge Jeremy (this contest will go ’till the end of the year.)
  • [Clique You] @TheProxyGuy on twitter
  • GP Minneapolis is this weekend
  • States is happening May 17th
  • Miss Utah!
  • A moose once bit my sister
  • And more…

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