MTGYou #219 – Paper VS Digital

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Blades and Kyle discuss the pros and cons of paper and digital Magic. We apologize in advance for the sound issues in this episode.

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Is Magic Losing on the Digital Plane?

This Week in Popculture’s Cube: Is Magic Losing on the Digital Plane?

twtw117_mtgoThough we like to think of ourselves as a unified community, there is one clear, irrevocable divide in Magic: that between Paper Magic and Magic Online. Between the physical game, and the game that exists out there in cyberspace.

If we’re all honest, neither is a perfect game. All have their divine brilliance and their ignominious faults.

But, to a man (or woman) I think that we can all agree that MODO (an old name for MTGO – standing for Magic Online with Digital Objects) could be better.

Read moreIs Magic Losing on the Digital Plane?