Standard Eldrazi Ramp

Eldrazi Ramp PicI was playing at FNM, and a new player happened to be sitting next to me. He wasn’t playing in the tournament, but was interested in playing and looking at cards. I had decided that week to play my 4-color Demonic Pact deck (I do love bouncing Demonic Pacts,) rather than the Eldrazi Ramp brew I’d been toying with, so I handed the Eldrazi over to him and while I played my rounds, he sat next to me and basically playtested my Eldrazi list against whoever would play him.

I decided to write about the Eldrazi Ramp list because, it was pointed out to me, it’s basically a budget deck as it stands, with Ulamog and Atarka the only cards above $10. There are a lot of ways to build a ramp deck at the moment, here’s what I’ve put together out of my own collection.

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MTGYou #66 – Drafting& PAX& Eldrazi& Zendikar


In Our Main Phase:

This week on the MTGYou podcast we welcome a new member of the team, Michael Taylor. Michael has been playing Magic for 20 years. We talk briefly about his favorite format, limited draft along with a number of other topics including PAX, Battle for Zendakar spoilers and more…

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Popculture’s Cube: Will there be Phyrexians vs. Eldrazi?

It may be the most desired, most awaited, most geektacular idea in all Magicdom.

What if they did a set – nay, a block! – in which the Eldrazi (the Cthulhuloid menaces from the Blind Eternities currently menacing Zendikar) were attacked by the Phyrexians (the Borg-like villains that lately invaded and assimilated Mirrodin, creating New Phyrexia, and who have haunted the dreams of Dominaria for ages)?

In a word, ‘Awesomeness.’

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