A Standard Farewell to Fetch lands

Dear Fetch lands,

I know that we have both seen this coming for a while now.  The time that we have had together has been great and has brought me to new places.  The introduction of the Battle lands allowed me to do things that I never thought I would get to do.  I have enjoyed being able to play with more then three colors in a single deck and still have a great mana base.  But, as all great things come, they must too leave.  No, its not you, its me.  You are the type of land that likes to play with eternal formats.  I don’t want to hold you back.  I am only able to hold on to cards for 18 months now and you deserve better.  I hope that we can still be friends.  I also hope to see you around in the future.

The Standard Formatktk_fetchlands

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Crossing Magic’s Red Lines

This Week in Popculture’s Cube: Crossing Magic’s Red Lines

127822_1So I just did something I never thought I would.

And I’ll likely do it again.

Just a little bit before I started typing this article, I bought by first Fetch Land.

[Cue Sound of Crickets]

Right, I know. A lot of you reading this out on the electronic superhighway are probably scoffing. “Shyeah,” you might be saying. “So what? I’ve got a playset of every Zendikar fetch AND I’m working on finishing up my collection of the Onslaught fetches for good measure.”

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