MTGYou #168 – Open for Discussion

In This Weeks Episode:
We left the Main Phase open for discussion today.  We discuss Deathrite in Legacy and touch on our thoughts about MTG Arena.  All this and more in this weeks episode of MTGYou.

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MTGYou #147 – BANNED!!

In This Weeks Episode:
The recent banned list announcement has been a bit crazy.  What has this done to Magic as we know it?  Come find out our thoughts on this week’s episode of MTGYou.

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ReanimateThis week I’m going to talk Legacy, but first I’m going to tell a story about my early days playing Magic. If you’re more interested in a deck, feel free to skip down a bit. Those of you still with me, let’s take a trip, shall we, to the early ’00s, a time of Madness and Psychatogs, Scourge had just come out, and I made weekly trips to my local game shop.

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