ReanimateThis week I’m going to talk Legacy, but first I’m going to tell a story about my early days playing Magic. If you’re more interested in a deck, feel free to skip down a bit. Those of you still with me, let’s take a trip, shall we, to the early ’00s, a time of Madness and Psychatogs, Scourge had just come out, and I made weekly trips to my local game shop.

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MTGYou #61 – Cruising the Current Meta


In Our Main Phase:

On this episode of the MTGYou Podcast, we cruise through the current metagame, covering standard, modern and legacy. We also talk about the possible banning of Treasure Cruise.

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MTGYou #40 – Demystifying Conspiracy

In our Main Phase:

Conspiracy is the newest game in town (at least until M15 is released). But it seems that newer players may be a little intimidated by it. So that you are not afraid to participate in a conspiracy, were talking about what to expect, and what you can do with the cards once they are drafted.

Here is a video from the mother-ship about Conspiracy:

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