MTGYou #227 – Hogvine and the Faithless Mystics

In Our Main Phase:

The new Banned and Restricted list came out and we have a lot to say about it. Also, Travis has Dad Jokes.

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MTGYou #218 – Arriving on the Horizon

In Our Main Phase:

With Modern Horizons full spoilers revealed, we talk about our favorite cards. Plus Travis’s foil picks.

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MTGYou #206 – Modern’s Gauntlet

In Our Main Phase:

Testing your deck is the best thing you can do to practice for Modern. But, what decks do you need to test against? We run through the Modern Gauntlet in this weeks episode of MTGYou.

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MTGYou #191 – Deck Building Challenge #1

In This Weeks Episode:

Travis was challenged to create a competitive Sultai deck for modern.  How did he do it, and what  do the rest of us think of it.  Find out in this weeks MTGYou.

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