MTGYou #61 – Cruising the Current Meta


In Our Main Phase:

On this episode of the MTGYou Podcast, we cruise through the current metagame, covering standard, modern and legacy. We also talk about the possible banning of Treasure Cruise.

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Modern Mayhem

This Week in Popculture’s Cube: Modern Mayhem

ImageCan you feel it? A change in the earth… and the air. A rumbling beneath our feet… a tremor in the water.

Yes, that’s the sound of Modern decks being shuffled all across this great land of ours.

Modern as a Magic format has absolutely exploded in recent years, fueled by Modern Masters and other factors. And with rampant speculation searing across the Information Superhighway like lightning that a Modern Master’s 2 is likely in the offing (with some positing that Damnation, Lilliana of the Veil, and even Zendikar fetches could be reprinted in this set), it’s not likely that Modern is going to go away anytime soon.

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Crossing Magic’s Red Lines

This Week in Popculture’s Cube: Crossing Magic’s Red Lines

127822_1So I just did something I never thought I would.

And I’ll likely do it again.

Just a little bit before I started typing this article, I bought by first Fetch Land.

[Cue Sound of Crickets]

Right, I know. A lot of you reading this out on the electronic superhighway are probably scoffing. “Shyeah,” you might be saying. “So what? I’ve got a playset of every Zendikar fetch AND I’m working on finishing up my collection of the Onslaught fetches for good measure.”

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GW Hate Bears vs U Tron – Modern

MTGYou Fight Club: #GW Hate Bears vs U Tron – Modern

Link to Rich’s GW Hate Bears deck list:

Link to Blades’ U Tron deck list:

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