MTGYou #87 – Hope for Better, Eldrazi and Mulligans!

Current ImageThis Week In Our Main Phase:

Eldrazi have take over Pro Tour Oath of the Gate Watch! We also have a few tips about when to Mulligan.  We discuss these and more on this week’s MTGYou!

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MTGYou #64 – Sideboarding for the Meta

In Our Main Phase:

We tackle sideboarding once again. Back in episode 10 we talked about many of the basics. This time around, we dive a little deeper and give some ideas about how to sideboard for the metagame.

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MTGYou #24 – You’ve Got To Know When To Mulligan

On this episode we talk about:

  • The Nuts and Bolts of the Mulligan
  • Boozecube for Dameons Birthday?
  • Clash Packs
  • GP Richmond
  • Prehistoric Viruses and More…

Here is some math:

To figure how much land (on average) will be in an opening hand:

(TL/DS)HS= LH   …in other words..

(Total Land in Deck / Total Deck Size) X Open Hand Size = Average Percentage of Land in Hand.

Example: (22/60)7 = 2.56 land in opening hand

To figure how likely you will draw card X on next turn

(nX/RD) = C  …in other words…

(number of card X left in deck/number of total cards left in deck) = Likelihood

Example: (4/53) = .075  (7.5% chance)

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