MTGYou #132 – Sealed Deck Building Tips

In This Weeks Episode:
We hope you had fun and did well at you prerelease.  Come listen as we give you tips on building a limited deck in this week’s episode of MTGYou.

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MTGYou #43 – Building a Sealed Deck

In Our Main Phase:

M15 has now been released, which brings a new limited environment. In this episode,  we talk about how to build a sealed deck with some specific thought on what M15 is bringing to the game. Check out the YouTube video where we also walk through building two sealed decks.

In the News:

Jon Loucks: Leaving the Dream:

Jae Lee designs the new black on black planeswalkers

Updating Unsporting Conduct – Major

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MTGYou #15 – Limited: Sealed (Ya Get Whatcha Get!)

On this episode:

  • All about Limited: Sealed
  • @TheProxyGuy
  • One lucky follower of @daemonculus on Twitter wins!
  • Rich is back!
  • Blades sounds different

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