The REAL best card in Standard

Co CoA couple of weeks ago Wumpus wrote an article right here on MTGYOU about the best card in Standard. He came down to the conclusion that Ugin, the Spirit Dragon was the best card in Standard, and it is hard to refute his logic. However, Standard changes and the format has evolved I can only conclude that Ugin isn’t all that he’s cracked up to be. I think there is a new best card in Standard. Say hello to the new best card in Standard: Collected Company.

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Demonic Pact!

Demonic PactMy favorite line of text to see on a card is, “you lose the game.” Not only is it a powerful effect in itself, albeit one that you’ll want to avoid resolving for yourself, but it usually gets tacked onto the end of a card that is otherwise powerful, possibly even too good without it. The poster child for this in standard is of course, Demonic Pact.

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Ugin, the Spirit Dragon is the Best Card in Standard

UginThis week, I’m going to step back from doing a deck tech and talk about Ugin the Spirit Dragon. Check back in 2 weeks for a new deck!

There is much to be said about Ugin in terms of how cool he is in the Magic storyline, but I’m not really the Vorthos to tackle that one. Maybe Bruce will someday. Rather, I am here today to extoll the virtues of Ugin, the Spirit Dragon as a Magic card. Yes, the 8 cost Planeswalker card that is currently going for about $40 each on A price tag certainly is a strong indicator of how good a card is, but I’m going to take it a step further.

Ugin is the best card in standard, and will remain so until the Khans/Fate rotation.

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How I Rate the Standard Manlands!

Article_PictureWith all five man lands in standard now, I wanted to express my opinion on how I feel about them.  I am definatly a fan of them as they add a great twist to standard.  We had Mutavault a few years ago in M14 and that saw a lot of play, for good reason.  As far as these lands go, it seems they are just a small bonus to your deck.  They don’t seem to get the full amount of time in the spotlight.  So, I am going to give the standard man lands a little extra attention as I rate them.

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Almost 5-Color Bring to Light

Bring2LightOn the podcast, I keep mentioning the Bring to Light deck that I have been playing.  It has gone through many changes since I started with it a month ago.  Now that it has gone from a 5-color deck to a 4-color deck, with lands to cover all five colors, I thought I would share it with our listeners and readers.  Before I share the deck list, I would like to say that this is a deck that is one of the funnest lists I have played.  It was hard to learn how to pilot, but worth every game.  With that said, lets look at the list.

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