MTGYou Poll (of the every other week) Archive

Which season is most magical for you?

Should James stop talking about HEX?


Who is your Favorite Bad Guy in Magic Lore?


How do you best like to win at Magic?

What are you looking forward to the most in Battle for Zendikar

We've been gone so long...have you missed us?

Do you play 'paper' Magic, Magic Online or both?

Where do you think that MTGYou will be in a Year?

What draws you to Magic: the Gathering other than just playing?

How do you approach Magic: The Gathering regarding non-MTG players?

What is your favorite Magic format to play?

Do you like that MTGYou streams the video of the podcast?

What is your favorite planeswalker card being printed in M15

If you had to pick one of the MTG psychographic profiles, which one would best describe you?

Which is your favorite segment of the show?

How many times a week do you typically play Magic?

What color of mage are you primarily?

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